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 [WIP] Carmen Esposito

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Carmen Esposito

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PostSubject: [WIP] Carmen Esposito   Wed Feb 09, 2011 1:27 am

Name:Carmen Esposito
Age: 20 years
Weight:"Who asked you, filio di strega?"
Eye Colour:Brown
Hair Colour:Black
Preferred Weapon:A small stiletto is handy for men who don't pay their dues.
Loyal to whom:Claudia Auditore, without doubt
Likes:The colour of money, secrets, comforting others,
Dislikes:Drunkards, fee dodgers, blunt talkers
Carmen was not born into life at the Rosa in Fiore. This sweet-tempered young woman grew up in an orphanage, and it was there that she developed her... shall we say 'sensitive' disposition. She is, in many ways, a moral compass that has always tried to point north, no matter what her circumstances. When she turned sixteen, someone from the Rosa must have been trawling the streets for pretty young faces, because Carmen (formerly Brunetta) was seized by the charasmatic young woman and promised a life of beauty, pleasure and luxury.

This is not to say, of course, that Carmen settled easily into her new life. When she learned what she'd gotten herself into, she was running for the door before the courtseans could catch her. Her sweet temper rapidly hid itself under a constant scowl when she was found (almost immediately) by Maria, the woman who would become her closest friend and mentor. Dragged back, still lemon-faced, to the Rosa, it was carefully explained to her that she was free to leave the moment she was married off-- until then, Maria had adopted her, and would take care of her. This did not bode well for her, and she was slowly beginning to realise that perhaps leaving would not be as easy as just getting out the door.
Carmen's first few weeks proved to be hell. Her orphanage's Catholic mistress had instilled all the children with strict moral values (often with the end of a whip) and the girl rapidly learned not to open any doors until she was certain that there was no-one engaged in 'business' on the other side. She was dressed in fine gowns too big for her, far richer than she was used to, and Maria took it upon herself to give her ward daily lessons in etiquette and... well.

No-one can maintain a great degree of innocence in this line of work. She tried her fair share of times to run away, but Maria always understood. Being found and returned to the Rosa in Fiore became a normal occurence. Maria's comfort and never-ending patience for all Carmen's questions were invaluable, but eventually even the smooth-tempered woman could lose her head.
"Always with the whining, child!" Carmen sat in silent fear, watching her mother rave. "And not a single finger lifted to earn back what you cost us! You are not the only orphan here, lazy bambino, and yet you constantly plot how to leave us? Who clothed you in riches, huh? Who saved you from a life on one man's arm, bearing his horrid children so that he could die and leave you alone with hungry mouths to feed."
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[WIP] Carmen Esposito
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