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 Timur Rahimi

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PostSubject: Timur Rahimi   Fri Jun 24, 2011 3:50 pm

Name: Timur Rahimi

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Height: 6'2

Weight: 157lbs.

Eye Color: Ice Blue

Hair color: Light Brown

Birthplace: Persia (to be explained)

Faction: Thief, Assassin (to be explained)

Preferred Weapon(): Bow and arrow, dagger

Loyal to whom:

Likes: The sun, training with novices, studying his targets

Dislikes: Not much bothers him.

History: Timur was born into a small farming town in Persia. He grew up very poor and not that well educated. Because of this, he was forced to sneak into the library through open windows and read the days away when he was not working. The boy learned a lot in the libraries, and passed on the knowledge to his siblings. Eventually, his parents found out about him sneaking into the library, and called upon the guards. (Lovely parents, eh?) The guards attempted to drag the eighteen year old away, but were intercepted by some thieves.
After the small fight, the thieves explained that they'd been watching Timur for a while now, and that he was pretty good at not being caught, save what had just happened. They also told him that they were traveling towards Syria, and that Timur should join them. Of course, he said yes, and left his family behind him.
No one knows what happened between the time he was a thief to when he became an assassin, but he did become on when his group of thieves reached Masayf.

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Timur Rahimi
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