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PostSubject: Blanche....   Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:49 am

Name: Blanche

Birth Name: Madison Johnsson

Gender: Female.

Age: 22

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 115 lb

Eye Color: Ice Blue

Hair color: Dark Brown

Birthplace: Mianus in Fairfield County, Connecticut, USA.

Faction: Assassins

Preferred Weapon(): Hidden Blades, Practical Iaito Katana/Samurai Sword ( http://image.made-in-china.com/2f0j00qBCagQplghcO/Practical-Iaito-Katana-Samurai-Sword-TZ395913-.jpg ) and Throwing Knives

Loyal to whom: The Creed....

Likes: Heights, Reading, Sparring, making Hidden Blades, Killing Templars and Yoga.

Dislikes: Templars, the year 2012, People who tell her she can't do something and men who beat there wifes.

History: Bellatrix was born in the stronghold with the name Madison Johnsson. She was told by her parents she was an at the age of 6. She started her training soon after that and befriended the teenage Desmond. Desmond would tell her stories about how one day he was going to escape the stronghold and live a normal life. She became fascinated by these stories and started to dream that one day could leave and have a normal life. The next three years she started ditching training sessions thinking them pointless as it was believed there were no more Templars and hung out with Desmond instead. She remembers being woken up by one of the master assassins and being questioned about where Desmond was, she of course has no idea and slams the door on the master assassins face. Her parents had to explain to the master assassin that she obviously didn't know anything and was just upset about her closest friend running away.

By the time she was 14 she was considered one of the most popular girls in her training sessions and had got the hang of throwing knives. So on her 15th birthday she threw a party. Which ended in her paying truth or dare with friends that resulted in her cutting off her own ring finger. A few months after that the Templars had found the stronghold and burned it to the ground and shot anyone in the head who tried to escape. The only reason Madison escaped is because her mum got to the tunnels in there basement and told her to run and never turn back. That was the day she became Blanche, the warrior, the assassin and she also vowed that everyone responsible for the attack on her home and the death of her parents will die by her hands. She had been hiding out and training in the old abandoned fortress in Masyaf thinking that all the other assassins were dead for three years. In this time she had two tattoos done one is her name in binary code on her right wrist and the other is the symbol for the assassins creed. She is then found by a small group of assassins, she stays and trains with them. This is until she finds a Piece of Eden which causes her to be blasted back in time to 1195 AD. Now she is known as the assassin in Red.

Other: (stuff to know?) She has Eagle Vision.

Her binary code tattoo
00001101, 00000001, 00000100, 00001001, 00010011, 00001111, 00001110 for Madison
00001010, 00001111, 00001000, 00001110, 00010011, 00010011, 00001111, 00001110 for Johnsson

Looks: Blanche is 5'4" with a slender but slightly muscular figure, which she shows off with the way she dresses. She is also very tanned and has a the symbol of the creed tattooed on her right shoulder and also has her name tattooed to the back of her left wrist in Binary Code. She is also missing her left ring finger. Blanche has a feminine face with full lips and piercing blue eyes which she has heavily lined with black kohl and has long, straight dark brown hair.

Personality: To those she likes, she will show her softer side and if she trusts them enough she may even take her hood down. But as soon as you get on her bad side she will act extreamly aggressive and will stab whoever annoyed her if provoked further. Normally she is laid back and quite person who enjoys doing yoga and meditating to keep calm. Apart from her fiery temper Blanche can be described as extremely seductive and stubborn. But what mood she's in and how she will react all depend on how well she slept or if something is on her mind.
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